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Product Design: beginning to end


Designers’ minds naturally ask, “Well, what if…?”

What matters to consumers? To create something that captures imaginations, you have to immerse yourself in the viewpoint, lifestyle, routine and priorities of your target audience.

What’s already out there? Most markets are overcrowded. Researching competitors’ products will provide you with knowledge of what not to do, how to set yourself apart from them. It will also sparks ideas for improvement!

What’s new? Doing what hasn’t already been done is the best way to establish your brand personality, design aesthetics and, of course, your best product designs!

Product design often requires us to answer that vital question — not to mention the question, “How to?” From initial sketches to digital renderings to prototypes to finished products, we ask ourselves a lot of questions.

Does it measure up? At each stage of the product design process, it’s helpful to focus on form, function and style. Assign materials, color and textures. After you think you’re pretty set, think again! Look for more interesting features and surprising elements to add to your product. Then step back and take a more realistic view of your new product, keeping what truly makes it special and getting rid of unnecessary junk!

What do you think? Getting product prototypes made can be a real learning experience. Constructive feedback at this stage can make your product easier and/or more cost-effective to produce, so be sure to listen. But remember to stay true to your vision, too!

What’s next? Sometimes your design prototype comes out perfect and sometimes its back to the drawing board. Well, let’s say editing board! Between prototype and finished product, you often find yourself asking many of the same questions all over again. But every answer gets you closer to a product that’s ready for the shelf — and to sell.

When all is said and done, you’ll be surprised at how proud you are of creating an idea from scratch and seeing, feeling and smelling (yes, smelling) it in its finished form!